PLATFORM: Teaching for Next

FALL 2022

This issue of Platform, edited by Professor Elizabeth Danze, features teaching at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture and explores how we set students up for success in a world that is different than we might have imagined even only a few years ago. The essays and interviews within include considerations of how faculty and students work together to create an atmosphere in which the study of our disciplines cuts across professional areas of expertise, expands perspectives, contributes to essential discourse about the built environment, and responds with dexterity and intelligence to changing contexts. 


Elizabeth Danze


Bridget Gayle Ground


Emma Margulies


Michael Benedikt, Michael Garrison, and Larry Speck, interviewed by Richard Cleary
Kevin Alter, John Blood, Elizabeth Danze, and David Heymann, interviewed by Richard Cleary
Cisco Gomes 
Nicole Wiedemann
Igor Siddiqui 
Tara Dudley
Maggie Hansen 
Patricia Wilson
Bjørn Sletto, Samira Binte Bashar, Alexandra Lamiña, León Staines, Raksha Vasudevan
Hope Hasbrouck and Robert Stepnoski 
Daniel Koehler


Andrea Roberts