PLATFORM: Sustainable Design—Innovation on Middle Ground

FALL 2021

This issue is edited by Associate Professor Matt Fajkus and features research and teaching at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture that advances more sustainable buildings, landscapes, communities, and cities. Each article considers how faculty and students innovatively navigate the complex and fertile middle ground of dichotomies in our fields to reach results and conclusions. These contributions about planning and design through relationships, rather than of objects, not only connect to core tenets of sustainability, they provide a basis to show how the School of Architecture cuts across professional areas expertise, expands disciplinary perspectives, and contributes to fundamental discourse about the built environment through its research methods, critical practices, and teaching.


Matthew Fajkus


Leora Visotzky


Julia Szeto
Carolina English


Katherine Lieberknecht
Katie Coyne
Miriam Solis, Abby Randall, Will Davies
Aleksandra Jaeschke
Coleman Coker
Juliana Felkner
Matt Fajkus and Daniel Garcia
Ulrich Dangel
Jen Wong
Francisco Gomes


Shivani Langer
Marc Coudert