Once you have completed the appropriate training and certfication, come to the Technology Desk in SUT basement to pay the subscription fee:

Subscription plan Cost Fall and Spring Cost Summer
Laser cutters, CNC tools (router, wire bender, knife), 3D printing access $50 $20

Full details of the subscription policies and training information is available on the wiki.

Available Tools and Training/Access

  • Laser Cutting

    1. Take the training modules & quiz in Canvas
    2. Get certified in person at the Technology Service Desk
  • CNC Routing

    1. Complete the Canvas course containing recordings of CNC software trainings.
    2. Prepare notes on your first CNC projects and any relevant files, then email the Lab staff to schedule time to plan and discuss. 
    3. Borrow your free foam bit or purchase your other bit from the Technology Lab Service Desk in Sutton Hall.  Reminder: students will be charged for damaged or broken foam bits upon return. 
    4. Lab staff will assist you through the setup and cutting of your first project. If they are satisfied with your performance and progress, you will be added to the list of certified CNC users.
      • Once you are certified, the Lab staff will continue to be available to consult on CNC projects as you develop.
  • Oscillating CNC Knife

    • No prerequisites. To begin using the CNC knife, come to the Technology Service Desk to request a blade be installed and follow the steps outlined on the wiki.
  • Robotics

    • Contact Ben Rice to discuss projects and timelines.
  • 3D Printing

  • 3D Scanning

    • No prerequisites. To begin using the 3D scanner, follow the steps outlined follow the steps outlined on the wiki.

Note: Use of SOA fabrication facilities is restricted to current students, faculty and staff in the School of Architecture. Exception requests will be considered with a letter of sponsorship from a UT faculty member that describes the UT-related project. Please send these requests to soatechdesk@utexas.edu.