Sarah Slovak Wu

Assistant Director of Research

As the Assistant Director of Research, Sarah Wu is responsible for coordinating with all UTSOA faculty, as well as professionals, stakeholders, and community groups on various sponsored research projects. She assists in grant writing, partner coordination and budget development for proposed work. Sarah performs advanced program administration and coordination, developing and executing externally sponsored research, including pre-award and post-award processes. Along with other responsibilities, Sarah also directs a dynamic and hands-on research team at the Center for Sustainable Development.

Sarah is also a Board Member for Design Futures and has been involved with this conference since its inception at the University of Texas School of Architecture. Design Futures is an interdisciplinary leadership development convening that centers principles of racial justice and social equity.


  • B.S., Conservation & Resource Studies, Minor in English Literature, The University of California, Berkeley, 1997 – 2001 
  • M.S. Community & Regional Planning, Emphasis in Environmental Planning, The University of Texas at Austin, 2004 – 2006


  • Convention Center Space-making and Downtown Place-Making: The Physical and Economic Planning Implications of Alternative Convention Center Scenarios
  • St. Johns Site Analysis and Scenario Development project
  • Design Futures
Sarah Wu

Office: WMB 6.102A

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