At the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture we strive for a diverse and equitable community that fosters an open, enlightened, and robust learning environment. The necessity for creating an inclusive community on college campuses is supported by several national education association reports, which suggest that in order to create a vital community of learning, the academy must create an environment that cultivates diversity and celebrates difference.

The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture is committed to creating a workplace in which all faculty, staff, and students are valued for their contributions to accomplishing the School's mission. We strive to create an equitable and inclusive environment for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, age, level of physical ability, citizenship status, or socioeconomic status. "Underpinning all that we do at the School of Architecture is a deep commitment to diversity. It guides who we are, what we teach and research, and how we change our disciplines," said Dean Michelle Addington. "Our commitment to diversity goes beyond ensuring that there is equitable participation from under-represented populations; it enables us to open up new avenues of discourse and explore unprecedented opportunities as we bring more voices, more experiences, and more knowledge to bear."

-Read the School's Framework for Diversity here

Committee for Diversity + Equity (CODE)

In 2008, Dean Fritz Steiner commissioned a Diversity Task Force with the charge of gathering feedback from students, faculty, and staff, presenting a report of its findings, and drafting a strategic plan (Framework for Diversity) for addressing diversity and equity within the School. After successes and some missed opportunities, Committee on Diversity + Equity [CODE], a school-wide committee, was formed in 2015 as an ongoing commitment to achieving greater diversity and equity within each program and the School as a whole.

Speaker Series 

The School of Architecture’s Committee on Diversity and Equity approved at the end of the 2020-2021 school year a proposal to fund and support a series of equity focused events. The series, run by PSO and GSARC representatives, will help us students discuss, learn, and reflect on the ways in which racial injustice has manifested itself in the built environment and practitioners have confronted these truths through their personal and professional lives. We, the students in the School of Architecture, believe it is our responsibility as future practitioners to educate ourselves on how to create, promote, and participate in truly equitable communities. Our first event is coming up on November 15 and we really hope you will join us.

2020-21 CODE Members: 
Co-chairs: Fernando Lara and Charlton Lewis 
Heather Corcoran
Dominic Deniro
Tara Dudley
Carolina English 
Margaret Gallagher
Christine Garner
Maggie Hansen
James Hardt
Caitlin Hartnett
Junfeng Jiao
Yuhana Khan
Audrey Matthews 
Jasmin Blas-Mendieta
Adam Miller
Temi Osanyintolu
Bob Paterson
Anagisel Toscano Ramos
Kait Reynolds
Estrella Sainburg
Abby Simpson
Miriam Solis
Larry Speck
August Stanley
Kelsey Stine
Leora Visotzky
Wilfred Wang
Sarah Wu