Kory Bieg

Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Fellow, Meadows Foundation Centennial Professorship in Architecture

Kory Bieg is an Associate Professor of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin. He received his Master of Architecture from Columbia University and is NCARB certified and a registered architect in the State of Texas.

Since 2013, he has served as Chair of the TxA Emerging Design + Technology conference, and co-Director of TEX-FAB Digital Fabrication Alliance. He has served on the Board of SXSW Eco Place by Design and the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA). In 2019, Bieg co-chaired the annual ACADIA conference titled “Ubiquity and Autonomy.”

In 2005, Kory Bieg founded OTA+, an architecture, design, and research office that specializes in the development and use of current, new, and emerging digital technologies for the design and fabrication of buildings, building components, and experimental installations. OTA+ uses current design software and CNC machine tools to both generate and construct conceptually rigorous and formally unique design proposals. 

Bieg co-edited Center 21: The Secret Life of Buildings, a book that explores the significance of Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) to Architecture, featuring original essays by leading philosophers and architects. The book received the Independent Publisher Book Award Gold Medal in the Architecture category.


  • Master of Architecture, Columbia University GSAPP
  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Washington University in St. Louis



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Kory Bieg and Clay Odom, “Lumifoil and Tschumi: Virtual Projections and Architectural Interventions,” International Journal of Architectural Computing ACADIA Special Issue, eds.Mine Ozkar, Martin Tamke, Bige Tuncer, Brady Peters, and Nataly Gattegno. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publishing, 2017.
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photo of Kory Bieg
  • Architectural Design and Theory
  • Digital Design and Fabrication
  • Emerging Technologies

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