CENTER 22 Explores Latitudes: Architecture in the Americas

November 3, 2020
The Center for American Architecture and Design releases its third volume of Latitudes which documents a seven-year cycle of conferences focused on architecture in the Americas.
Two copies of CENTER 22, chronicling the final years of the Latitudes Conference, placed atop a stone bench

The Center for American Architecture and Design has released the third volume of Latitudes, a subset of its CENTER: Architecture and Design in America series, which documents a seven-year cycle of conferences focused on architecture in the Americas. Held between 2009–2015, the Latitudes conference brought together a diverse group of innovative architects to explore the questions of whether there is—already, still emerging, or ever to be—an “American” modern architecture that transcends the North, Central, and South American divide, and is distinguishable from European, Asian, and other models.

Spanning three volumes—CENTER 16, CENTER 20, and CENTER 22—the final volume of the subset series, CENTER 22, chronicles the last three years of the conference, between 2013–2015. Edited by Professor Wilfried Wang and former Adjunct Associate Professor Barbara Hoidn, the 320-page volume examines key examples of architecture from across the Americas, exploring the enormous multiplicity of landscapes that are a result of different latitudes and attitudes, to uncover our differences, as well as that which we share.

With more faculty focused on Latin America than in any other architecture school in the country, the Latitudes conferences and publications have been instrumental in establishing the UTSOA as an international hub for the study of architectural practice in the Americas. The conferences connected the UTSOA to a number of universities throughout the Americas, including conference hosts Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University in São Paulo (2013) and the School of Architecture of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago (2015). They also brought a range of accomplished practitioners into our orbit and laid the foundations for long-lasting academic and professional networks for the participating students, researchers, and faculty.

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