Assistant Professor

Maggie Hansen is a landscape designer whose work investigates how ‘care taking’ (of space, of shared histories, of caretakers) serves to maintain and build community. Her work draws on training in architecture, landscape architecture, theater, and contemporary art. 

From 2015-2017, Maggie served as director of Tulane’s Small Center for Collaborative Design, where she led community-based design projects in support of a more equitable New Orleans. Under her leadership, the Center launched an exhibition program and panel discussion series exploring the ‘big issues of our small city’; piloted engagement strategies for youth of all ages; and fostered relationships across the private and public sectors. The Center’s work is consistently recognized as a national and local leader for design quality and for a deep engagement process. Projects ranged from masterplanning of Parisite Skatepark to preservation design of retail spaces along culturally significant commercial corridors. As a designer at Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects, Maggie contributed to design at a range of scales, including the Brooklyn Naval Cemetery and Hudson Yards East. 

Maggie enjoys exploring socially engaged practice alongside students and has taught design studios at Pennsylvania State University, Tulane School of Architecture, and Kent State. 


  • BA, University of Chicago
  • M.Arch, University of Virginia
  • MLA, University of Virginia
photo of Maggie Hansen
  • design & care work
  • feminism in design
  • landscape literacy
  • visualization of change over time
  • collaborative practice
  • design for equity