September, 1989

Production Editor

Susan R. Hoover

Assistant Managing Editor

Patricia Henderson

Table of Contents 

  • Visions and Revisions

    Anthony Alofsin

The Visions

  • Broadacre City: The Reception of a Modernist Vision, 1932-1988

    by Anthony Alofsin

  • Constancies and Changes in Le Corbusier's Urbanism:

    Part I. Attitudes Toward the Man-Made Environment

    by Mary Patricia May Sekler

  • Constancies and Changes in Le Corbusier's Urbanism:

    Part II. Relationships Between Painting and Urbanism

    by Eduard F. Sekler

The Context

  • A Visionary Discipline: Werner Hegemann and the Quest for the Pragmatic Ideal

    by Christiane Crasemann Collins

  • Mobility and Modernism in the Postwar City

    by M. Christine Boyer

  • The Individual and the City

    by Lawrence W. Speck

Case Studies

  • Avion Village

    by David Dillon

  • Aluminum City Terrace

    by Rene David Quinlan

  • Lafayette Park

    by Lise Newman

  • Portland Center

    by Howard Davis

  • Fragmented Machinery: Speculative Post-Industrial Modernism

    by Stephen L. Ross

5th issue of CAAD's Center series