The Materials Lab is a valuable resource for students and faculty at the School of Architecture. Our contributions include curricular support of studios and seminars through material consultation and workshop coordination, as well as the production of extra-curricular programming that includes the demonstration of material techniques that range from basic to advanced. 


We have gathered a number of tutorials, or ‘methodology reports,’ that capture the knowledge produced in past Materials Lab workshops and SOA projects for reference and guidance in future investigations with material or methodological overlap. Collectively, these reports are intended to form an institutional memory and accelerate the progress by which individual projects proceed. On a basic level, the reports help future students with tasks such as selecting appropriate tools, working within local restraints, and sourcing accessible materials. Beyond this, the reports document step-by-step procedures that range from simple (basic model making) to advanced (vacuum forming 3D-scanned surfaces). Documented projects may inspire offshoots that collectively form a branch of in-depth exploration impossible for a single student to pursue over the course of a singular project.  
See material methodology reports.  


The Materials Lab collaborates with SOA seminars and studios to develop material methodologies through research and consultation, and/or workshop coordination. SOA faculty can indicate their interest in coordinating collaborative opportunities by emailing us at  


Student material researchers compare lightweight concrete samples