During the application process, the PRP Director, Administrators, and Coordinator work closely with each student to provide a one-on-one experience including guidance on firm selection, individual input on the portfolio and supporting materials, and making connections with the offices themselves. 

The Professional Residency Program offers a Spring/Summer Session (January - July) and the Summer/Fall Session (June - December). The interested student applies in the term prior to their intended residency. For example, a student interested in a summer/fall session will apply in the spring term.

After attending the required Information Session, the two subsequent weeks are devoted to individual discussions focused on improving your portfolio and selecting firms. On the application deadline, the application form (3 firm choices), application fee ($200), and “competitive” portfolio are submitted.

Since a strong portfolio is essential to successful placement, it is recommended that students begin portfolio and image preparation early. Please review the Portfolio Guide which was created specifically for the Professional Residency Program.

After placement, the student will discuss start/end dates, compensation, dress code and any other specifics with the firm. Additionally, travel and housing arrangements, including visas where necessary, are the student's responsibility.


The administrative fee for the Professional Residency Program is a total of five hundred dollars ($500), which is paid in two parts. A two hundred ($200) non-refundable application fee is due on the date of the application form, firm choice, and portfolio submission. A three hundred ($300) contact fee is due prior to the student's portfolio being sent to the first firm for consideration.

We recommend that all firms consider reimbursing the student's administrative fee for participating in the program. While not all firms are able or willing to assume these costs, some firms reimburse the student for all or part of these fees. 

In some cases, students are not able to be placed in a firm by the last day of class or after the PRP Administration contacts three firms. When this happens, the student withdraws from the program and the contact fee ($300) is reimbursed. If able, the student is encouraged to apply for a subsequent PRP session adhering to all eligibility and application requirements and deadlines. By contacting the PRP Director, the Professional Residency Program may provide a scholarship (up to $500) to help offset financial hardship incurred by international placements and/or other personal circumstances.


International Students need to be authorized for employment by Texas Global prior to beginning the internship. Most students will seek “CPT” for their residency. Additionally, those with student visas need to verify whether a new visa will be required for doing residency out of this country. For more information, please see:


For those considering residency in international locations, students will follow all university requirements including travel approval, SAO registration, and/or Overseas Insurance. For more information, please visit:

Students are also responsible for visas, travel, and accommodations, all of which can require considerable time, effort, and cost. Students are responsible for coordinating with the Office of Student Financial Services, which may increase awards to offset cost-of-living expenses in certain foreign locations.