Cole Marchant

IT Coordinator

Cole Marchant is a skilled contributor to the School of Architecture's digital fabrication lab, a true master of technical precision and methodical determination. He is passionate about understanding mechanics, constantly exploring the intricacies of physical systems and the laws governing their behavior to unravel the mysteries of the universe. With a passion for robotics, CNC operations and 3D printing, they oversee the lab's cutting-edge equipment and push the boundaries of innovation in architecture. In addition to their professional achievements, Cole has also volunteered as a firefighter in the PNW and taught themselves to code at a very young age.

When they're not busy pursuing their passion for rock climbing, disc golf, volleyball, or longboarding, Cole can often be found on the open road, embarking on a new road trip adventure. With a special love for Highway 101 on the West Coast, Cole has explored some of the most breathtaking landscapes and scenic routes, often camping deep in the Redwoods or on open beachfronts with zero light pollution.

Cole's passion and determination is truly infectious, whether he's scaling new heights on the rock wall or cruising down the open road.

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