Established in Fall 2016, The School of Architecture’s Race and Gender in the Built Environment Initiative endows an Emerging Scholar Fellowship position. The purpose of which is to support the development of future scholars whose work centers on the relationships and intersections between race, gender, and the built environment in the fields represented within the UT School of Architecture.

Cities are complex built environments that integrate the physical, natural, and social worlds of human settlement. The discovery of new solutions to address our most pressing needs and challenges with regard to cities is rooted in the presence of and engagement between residents with diverse knowledge, abilities, and experience. At the same time, the legacy of slavery, a prolonged history of social segregation, and the economic and political disenfranchisement of under-represented and marginalized constituencies continues to undermine the power of urban diversity. Although much has been done to address the negative aspects of this history, much more needs to be done to make American cities more equitable, healthy, fair, safe, and beautiful.


Race & Gender in the Built Environment Fellows


Todd Brown


Adam Miller


Sara Zwede


Edna Ledesma


Anna Livia Brand
Andrea Roberts