Mission statement

UTSOA Student Affairs serves as a resource in support of all UTSOA students achieving their academic and professional goals.

In serving the UTSOA community, the Student Affairs knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the coordination and support for a range of student services, programming, and special events.

Evident by counseling students on academic or professional matters, or on matters of personal development and support; coordinating student activities; or in the implementation of policies and procedures relevant to student life.

As a primary ambition, UTSOA Student Affairs aims to create an exceptional and respectful learning and living environment for the entirety of the UTSOA student constituency.

Student Affairs Staff

Charlton Lewis

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Robin Dusek

Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Director of Career Services
Graduate Program Coordinator

Katrina Kosted

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
CARE Counselor