The School of Architecture adheres to the procedures for academic-related grievances found in the university’s General Information Catalog

This is the process for academic grievances other than grade disputes. For information about grade disputes, please see the grade dispute process.

First Step | Program Director + Assistant and Associate Deans

The student must bring the academic grievance in writing to the Program Director of their degree program.

The Program Director will include the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the academic grievance review. 

The Program Director + Assistant and Associate Deans have the discretion to hear the academic grievance in person or to consider only written materials. They may require additional information as necessary.

If the academic grievance remains unresolved, the student has the option to appeal that decision to the Dean of the School of Architecture.

Second Step | Dean

Students wishing to appeal to the Dean are required to submit the academic grievance in writing and include supporting documentation:

  • Explanation of what occurred

  • All applicable correspondence

  • Correspondence indicating the academic grievance remains unresolved at the first level

  • Timeline of events relevant to the academic grievance

  • Copy of university regulation (if applicable)

  • Any other documentation supporting the appeal

The Dean will review the documents and may contact the student to obtain additional information.

Once the review is complete, the Dean will notify the student of the decision using a Secure Academic Note (SAN). The Dean will render the final decision. The Dean has jurisdiction over the student’s program of study, degree requirements, and all other academic matters.

For more information about academic grievances, students may contact the Office of the Student Ombuds.