Architecture Undergraduate Programs

B Arch, BSAS


  • UNDER REVISION: Please talk to your academic advisor to obtain a DosuSign proposal form.

IMPORTANT: DocuSign PowerForms require an instructor's UT EID email address. An EID email address is the EID followed by "" (<eid> You can find an instructor's UT EID in the Directory.


Attach a single pdf to the DocuSign PowerForm that includes:

  • The proposed course description: In one carefully worded paragraph, explain the semester-long aim of the independent study. A paragraph or two that clarifies the limits and/or structure of the proposed investigation may follow.

  • Educational objectives: In a series of bullet points, list the skills and knowledge foundations that you, the student, will come to understand over the course of the semester.

  • Justification: Address if this is a substitution for a required course or an independent research project on a topic not currently offered within an organized course. Explain the exact reason for any requested substitution, why it is necessary to complete the requirement independently rather than as part of an organized course. Specify whether you seek elective or studio credit. NOTE: History course credit will only be granted for independent study done in residence in Austin or as part of a UTSOA study-abroad program.

  • Texts/Precedents: Your course must relate to the current academic discourse on the topic. Provide a general and brief description of the competing theories by other authors and/or designers that will inform your semester-long exploration.

  • Description: Describe the overall direction of the independent study in more detail. Explain which topics will receive particular attention, how you will focus the course and how this particular course engages with other coursework in the School of Architecture.

  • Assignments and evaluation: In what form will you present your research? Courses include regular measures to evaluate a student’s progress such as tests, papers, and projects. Include detailed and thorough assignment descriptions, grading rubrics and due dates.

  • Bibliography: Provide an annotated bibliography using any standard citation style.

  • Schedule: Provide a separate schedule that includes WEEKLY MEETINGS between you and your supervisor (Skype is ok) OR THE PROPOSAL WILL BE RETURNED. The proposal must also delineate completion dates for required deliverables, with regular checkpoints between student and instructor, due dates for projects and assignments, and a list of specific topics to cover on a week-by-week basis.