Austin Transit Center for Music by Elvira Lathrop and Paulina Gallegos

The Austin Transit Center for Music connects the public with the local music community at a deeper level, beyond the scope of an audience member. The open layout and curved architecture promote circulation through the space. Transit waiting areas are located on each end of the building, but casual visitors are enticed to explore and discover new local independent music by sitting at intermittently placed listening stations, witnessing live music rehearsals and recording sessions in the partially glass-enclosed studios, or enjoying a performance at one of two stages. Visitors can also purchase tickets to musical performances and connect to live music venues.

The space is also a one-stop shop for all things a musician needs - a music shop, a community resource center, a workshop, and an instrument setup/repair shop. There are performance spaces, indoors and out, along with a coffee shop, and a mezzanine level holds art gallery space with exhibits that seek to educate the public on the origins and history of the Austin music scene.

Spring 2021 Design Excellence Award Winner

Elivra Lathrop and Paulina Gallegos
Interior Design Technical Studio
Instructor: Allison Gaskins