A Memory Palace by Autumn Shaddock

Inspired by Italian folklore and tradition, the Memory Palace represents an intersection between space and storytelling. The chambers are weaved together in a way that allows the occupant to travel to areas of sanctuary or exhibition depending on the direction they follow. The journey throughout the chambers of the Memory Palace parallels the journey of Talia in the Italian Folktale, Sun, Moon, and Talia. The tale describes Talia’s journey from being a beloved daughter surrounded by many to being left completely alone. The movement through the Memory Palace mimics this journey, with the grand entrance leading down to a subterranean level meant for single occupancy, mimicking her journey from family to solitude in the story, and eventually moving upwards to a grand chamber alluding to her final destination, ‘the king’s palace’.

I also pulled heavily from Italian artistry and creation techniques; the patterns I designed were based off of traditional Italian graphic styles, featuring curving geometrical shapes in repetitive gridlike patterns. The use of archways and sloping ceilings pulled heavily from architectural trends seen throughout Italian history, blending inspiration from both Baroque and Renaissance time periods. Additionally, I attempted to reflect the grandeur of the Baroque era by using their most common stylistic elements, such as their use of vivid colors in surface treatments, as well as their play with light to create drama and movement throughout the space.

Fall 2020 Design Excellence Award Winner

Autumn Shaddock
Interior Design III
Instructor: Allison Gaskins