Foundation by Michelle Franks

Nature is omnipresent. Whether we are sensitive to it or not, the structure of the natural world dictates the structure of the built environment. FOUNDATION was created with nature’s boundless efficiency and exquisite order in mind. From extensive research into the intersection between Anni Albers’ textile works and organic forms, FOUNDATION developed a new line of furniture, lighting, and textiles inspired by their synergies. The line of original pieces, exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair, lives inside a textile pavilion inspired by Anni Albers’ incredible free-hanging room dividers. The pavilion provides a scene for visitors to explore, gather, rest, and rehabilitate. Displays are designed for visitors to see the entirety of the furniture, lighting, and textile designs, while other sub-spaces have been created within the larger pavilion for direct engagement with the pieces on a more personal level.

Spring 2021 Design Excellence Award Winner

Michelle Franks
Interior Design Core II
Instructor: Lysa Janssen