The Stackable Graduate Certificate in Architectural History: Political, Social, and Cultural Histories of Architecture certificate program investigates the social, political, and economic histories of architecture and urbanism. With an emphasis on macro structures (i.e. capitalism) in relation to historically marginalized groups (migrants, people of color, laborers, etc.) these courses ask students to deeply contextualize "sites" and "architectures." To complement the work and role of the architect, the focus explores the users and makers of ordinary built environments as well as canonical works of architecture. Beyond developing a specific historic lens or framework to view and analyze architecture, students will also learn how to conduct their own architectural histories of everyday environments, and how to ask questions about architecture that address the pressing social issues of our time.

The stackable graduate certificate is open to any UT Austin degree-seeking graduate student and requires three classes (nine credit hours).

ARC 388R 8-Hybridity in Landscape Architecture/Architecture
ARC 388R 20-Migratory Urbanism
ARC 388R 22-Cultural Landscapes - Ethnography Methods
ARC 388R 24-African American Experience in Architecture
ARC 388R 25-Hist of the Profession and Labor; and Architecture and Capitalism
ARC 388R 26-Theorizing Space in the Americas
Approved ARC 388R Topics in the History of Architecture and Historic Preservation course

For more information, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.