Architecture: Latin American Architecture


By enhancing and promoting a regional focus that already exists in the school’s graduate curriculum, the Stackable Graduate Certificate in Architecture: Latin American Architecture allows graduate students to develop a comparative approach to architectural education and scholarship. It will also equip them with tools to engage in the effect that globalization has on architecture and place more broadly. As a result, program participants will not only become experts in Latin American Architecture, they will also become better equipped to address the world’s most pressing issues regarding the built environment.

The stackable graduate certificate is open to any UT Austin degree-seeking graduate student and requires three classes (nine credit hours).


  • ONLY the ARC graduate sections of the courses listed below may fulfill the Stackable Graduate Certificate requirements.
  • Please do not register for a cross-listing in another discipline or an undergraduate section. It is not possible to count any other section toward this Stackable Graduate Certificate. 

Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator with any course registration questions or for more information. 


ARC 388R 1 20th Century Latin American Architecture 
ARC 386M 20 Migratory Urbanism
ARC 388R 22 Cultural Landscapes - Ethnography Methods
ARC 388R 23 Borderlands and Mexican Built Environment History
ARC 395C Mexican Architecture and Urbanism: From Pre-Columbian to Contemporary