Architecture: Building Technology


The Stackable Graduate Certificate in Architecture: Building Technology is designed for students interested in the role of building technology within the design process. Students who pursue this certificate will focus on systems integration, structural design, construction materials and processes, and issues of sustainable design.

The stackable graduate certificate is open to any UT Austin degree-seeking graduate student and requires three classes (nine credit hours).


  • ONLY the ARC graduate sections of the courses listed below may fulfill the Stackable Graduate Certificate requirements.
  • Please do not register for a cross-listing in another discipline or an undergraduate section. It is not possible to count any other section toward this Stackable Graduate Certificate. 

Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator with any course registration questions or for more information. 


Fall Courses:

ARC 381F Digital Drawing & Fabrication
ARC 386M Designing the Way We Build
ARC 388R Prebab to Fablab: Tech History

Spring Courses:

ARC 386M Sustainable Architecture
ARC 386M Timber Technologies
ARC 327R Evolving Policy/Unusual Buildings
Theories of Tectonics

*In a rare exception, the Graduate Certificate Program Faculty Contact may approve a course related to the certificate topic that is not on this list.