The Stackable Graduate Certificate in Architecture: Digital Technology is for students who are interested in using advanced and emerging digital technologies for design at multiple scales. Courses that fulfill the certificate requirements include instruction on software, computational design methods, digital fabrication, and digital design theory. Students will be exposed to a variety of different computer programs and design processes while pursuing this certificate. They will learn how to leverage computational design to create new objects, buildings, and cities that would otherwise not be possible. Students will learn how contemporary architectural theory shapes this discourse.

The stackable graduate certificate is open to any UT Austin degree-seeking graduate student and requires three classes (nine credit hours).

Select three courses from:
ARC 380C 1-Living Wall: Design/Fabrication
ARC 380C 2-Reality Capture for Architecture
ARC 380C 3-Material Info: Design through Fabrication
ARC 380V 1-Creative Robotics
ARC 381F Digital Drawing & Fabrication
ARC 386M 26-Computational Design 
ARC 386M 31-Architecture Computation
ARC 386M 32-Composition and Architecture
ARC 391P Productions
ARC 392P Prototype

For more information, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.