The Stackable Graduate Certificate in Interior Design: Theories of Interiors and Spatial Design is for students interested in developing a deeper understanding of contemporary concepts, projects, and methods which underlie the design process and theorization of interior environments and spatial design.

The stackable graduate certificate is open to any UT Austin degree-seeking graduate student and requires three classes (nine credit hours).


  • ONLY the ARI graduate sections of the courses listed below may fulfill the Stackable Graduate Certificate requirements.
  • Please do not register for a cross-listing in another discipline or an undergraduate section. It is not possible to count any other section toward this Stackable Graduate Certificate. 

Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator with any course registration questions or for more information. 

ARI 386M 1-Interiors and Society
ARI 386M 2-Inside Utopia
ARI 386M 3-Reimagining Design Precedent
ARI 388 Designing for Human Behavior
ARI 388K Interior Design History I
ARI 388L Interior Design History II
ARI 391P Productions
ARI 392P Prototype