The Lorraine by Tzu-Shiuan (Sophia) Lin

The Lorraine, named after seventeenth-century landscape painter Claude Lorraine, celebrates experiences of beauty and art through the lens of the picturesque. Located in the historical neighborhood of Beacon Hill, Boston, The Lorraine serves as an intersection between the physical characteristics of the landscape and the intangible heritage of Boston. Drawing from Federal period design, the interior implements painterly scenic wallpaper, colorful textiles, and locally sourced stones and wood to create an ornate and eclectic space that creates a sense of surprise and enchantment. The addition of antique furniture also enhances the unique character of the interior and reflects Boston’s historical significance in furniture making. The guests are encouraged to peruse the collections of paintings installed throughout the space or savor ever-changing local and seasonal recipes offered by the kitchen. By inspiring a deeper understanding and relationship with Boston’s history and land, The Lorraine showcases the beauty of people’s instinctual connection to their surroundings.

Spring 2022 Design Excellence Award Winner

Tzu-Shiuan (Sophia) Lin
Interior Design 6
Instructor: Lysa Janssen