Memory Palace by Michelle Smith

The memory palace acts as a place to observe, listen, share, and collect stories of a specific regional culture through a sequence of related spatial experiences. Here, elements of Norwegian architecture and culture are displayed through the implementation of longitudinal, repeated apertures and Nordic folktale-inspired circulation, patterns, and screens.

Consisting of three different gallery rooms, the palace displays various sculptures, art pieces, and everyday objects. Along with a public film screening room, an outdoor reading space, and a meditation room, the rooms connect together and over an intimate, yet also public experience.

Here, stories are not only presented but also shared. Objects are both brought from outside and observed on display. Movement is directed in an immersive sequence, taking the inhabitant through various large display rooms -- all interactive.

Each room provides a different experience, making for an all-around interactive and immersive experience. The space tells a story and acts to connect those inhabiting it. Incorporating ideas of traditional Norwegian architecture, paired with practical functioning, playful lighting, and story-like dynamic, the memory palace is an easter egg of cultures and experiences.

Fall 2021 Design Excellence Award Winner

Michelle Smith
Interior Design Core III
Instructor: Allison Gaskins