Pause by Michelle Franks

It is helpful to challenge the homogeneous nightclub experience which is generally centered around alcohol. This tradition has been appreciated for the service that it provides. But for many who abstain from alcohol, an alternative experience is desired. Pause explores the alternative to normal nightclubs by using herbs, plants, and fungi to provide guests with a natural higher state of being.

Our daily life brings constant stimulation, noise, and energy. Pause holds space for connection to yourself and others. The goal is simple: To break the monotony and rejuvenate. Instead of poisoning visitors, we send our people back home well-rested, healed, and fulfilled.

Pause is an all-inclusive and exclusive experience. The membership-only club requires advanced registration for all guests. The intensity of the experience can be adapted to suit any comfort level. The top floor is dedicated to lighter experiences or higher doses while the basement floor is dedicated to heavier experiences or higher doses. Further distinctions on the floors can be seen in the section perspective below.

Guests are welcomed at check-in and all options and paths are clearly introduced with support from Pause guides. To ensure a gradual introduction to all experiences, visitors relax in our waiting area until their guide escorts them to their first room. The journey is completely customizable and controlled by trained professionals at all times. As a powerful, holistic experience, the safety of Pause patrons is the top priority. Each space offers something new and promotes different opportunities for exploration. Members can change their perceptions, emotion, and cognition in just a few steps. Whether you are searching for a state of relaxation or a dreamlike state to find yourself, Pause has the right journey for you. Take a moment to take control of your healing. Take a moment to pause.

2021-2022 Design Excellence Award Winner

Michelle Franks
Interior Design III
Instructor: Igor Siddiqui