A Memory Palace by Elisabeth Allbritton

Located in and inspired by Ireland, the Memory Palace is intended as a place for visitors to experience objects from their everyday lives in unexpected ways. It draws parallels from familiar regional folktales, such as The Enchanted Cave. In this folktale, a Prince passes through a thick forest and dark cave only to emerge in a dazzling fairyland full of trials and magical creations.

Many Irish tales follow a similar narrative – a journey from the everyday world into one more extraordinary. The Memory Palace is experienced much in the same way. Color is used to symbolize the departure from the outside world. The user first enters a gray room, purposefully colorless and much like Ireland's rainy and foggy environment. As they move through the space, they emerge into several colorful and bright spaces. A pattern that I’ve created is also used as a filter for light. This creates a variety of unique lighting conditions that further affect the feeling of otherness. To ground the Memory Palace in its location and relate it to its surroundings, I included more traditional qualities and shapes. Arches are used in various spaces, and thick walls are used to give the building a heavier feeling.

2021-2022 Design Excellence Award Winner

Elisabeth Albritton
Interior Design 3
Instructor: Alison Gaskins