Two sessions are scheduled each academic year, one during the Spring|Summer (January - August), and another during the Summer|Fall (June - December). The Application Schedule is for the preceding long-semester prior to Residency. During the Fall and Spring semesters, Information Sessions are always held on the first Friday of the first week of classes.

APPLICATION SCHEDULE for the spring semester:

  • Information Session:
    Friday, August 27th at 6pm, location TBD 

  • Portfolio Feedback Sessions:
    August 30th - September 10th
    Minimum of one feedback session is required.

  • PRP / Next Steps...
    Monday, September 13th at 6pm
    For current applicants only, this required session covers topics including NCARB's AXP, international requirements,  professionalism, etc.

  • Application, Portfolio and Application Fee due: 
    Monday, September 13th at 6pm
    Note specific requirements for deliverables.

  • Portfolio Revisions (as required) due: ​ 
    Wednesday, September 22nd at 9am

  • Student / Employer Matching (following submission of Contact Fee):
    September 13th - December 6th

  • PRP Pecha Kucha (TBD)


Nichole Wiedemann, PRP Director,  Monday 10am-12pm

Judy Birdsong, PRP Administrator, Thursday 3pm-5pm 

Martin Haettasch, PRP Administrator, Tuesday/Thursday 9am-10pm

Meghan Doring, PRP Coordinator, Thursday 4pm-6pm