The administrative fee for the Professional Residency Program is a total of five hundred dollars ($500.00 USD), which is paid in two parts. A two hundred ($200.00 USD) non-refundable Application Fee is due on the date of the application and portfolio submission. A three hundred ($300.00 USD) Contact Fee is due at the time the student's portfolio is sent to the first firm for consideration. PRP recommends to all firms that they consider reimbursing the student's administrative fee ($500.00 USD) for participating in the program. While not all firms are able or willing to assume these costs, some firms pay all or part of these fees. 


When considering the Professional Residency Program, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the many scholarships available to UT students. Texas One Stop https://onestop.utexas.edu/managing-costs/scholarships-financial-aid/typ... provides an array of resources. For students seeking an international placement, please visit Study Abroad  https://global.utexas.edu/abroad/funding/scholarships as well as review the UTSOA's Independent Research Travel Scholarships https://soa.utexas.edu/apply/student-funding/independent-research-travel....  Additionally, undergraduate students may consider the Undergraduate Research Fellowship https://ugs.utexas.edu/our/scholarships/urf. Please review these materials and take note of deadlines, which may be prior to your placement.

In some cases, the Professional Residency Program will provide a limited number of PRP Scholarships (up to $500.00) to help offset financial hardships incurred by international placements and/or other personal circumstances. Please contact the PRP Director for more information. 


For those considering Residency in international locations, students must register with the Study Abroad Office (SAO), which includes a non-refundable fifty-dollar ($50.00 USD) fee, prior to departure. The SAO keeps track of students while abroad, assists in locating housing, and helps with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid https://finaid.utexas.edu. Additionally, students must obtain Overseas Insurance, which covers health, emergency assistance and general liability at a cost of nineteen dollars ($19) per week. For more information, please visit: https://global.utexas.edu/abroad


Travel and housing arrangements, including visas where necessary, are the participant's responsibility. Students are solely responsible for coordination with Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid https://finaid.utexas.edu, which may increase awards to offset cost-of-living expenses in certain foreign locations, and researching visa requirements before committing to a residency placement in a foreign country.



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