Welcome to the Community and Regional Planning (CRP) Program!

The CRP Program has a storied fifty-year history, and our students and faculty have had major influences on the planning field locally, nationally, and internationally. We provide our graduates with the theoretical foundations, specific skills, and practical experience to succeed in professional planning and related policy careers. We strive to create a diverse student body and program, and we are deeply committed to building a professional planning community that resembles the communities in which our students and faculty work.

We have a strong focus on sustainable development processes and practices. We seek development paths that balance growth with improved environmental performance, while expanding opportunities for all segments of the community. Our faculty and students carry out exciting research and project work in our local communities and around the world. In the past year, we have worked in neighborhoods in Austin and small towns in the larger metropolitan area, rapidly growing cities in China and Japan, and informal settlement communities in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Our tuition and the local cost of living are reasonable, especially compared to our peer institutions. Austin is a vibrant state capital city, with over 1.8 million people in the metro-region. Austin offers a rich, diverse cultural scene linked to a dynamic, high-technology economy. Situated in the heart of the Austin community, The University of Texas at Austin is a site where creative minds live side-by-side with the leading innovators in scientific, technological, and cultural fields.


CRP Student Life

Community & Regional Planning


Meet Our Faculty

Sarah Lopez

Patricia Wilson

Michael Oden


Liz Mueller

Ming Zhang

Junfeng Jiao


Juliana Felkner

Jake Wegmann

Gian-Claudia Sciara


Bjorn Sletto

Alex Karner

Miriam Solis


Meet Our Students

Sari Albornoz

Samira Bashar

Raviya Mysorewala


Jorge Zapata

Luisa Milani

Kelsey Wingo


Nadia Carlson

Abbey Judd

Jorge Losoya


Our Research

Transportation Equity, Alex Karner

Transit Deserts, Junfeng Jiao

Safe and Healthy Aging, Sandra Rosenbloom


Regional Transportation and Land Use, Gian-Claudia Sciara

Planet Texas, Katherine Lieberknecht

Participatory Mapping, Bjorn Sletto


Participatory Action Research, Patricia Wilson

Michael Oden Research & Publications

Insurgent Planning, Bjorn Sletto


Disaster Resilience, Robert Paterson

CM2 Cooperative Megaregions, Ming Zhang

Climate Change and Smart Decarbonization, Juliana Felkner


Bicycle Planning, Ming Zhang

Applied Research with the City as a Client, Jake Wegmann