Texas Memorial Museum Addition by Jon Dasher

Re-envisioning an existing monument at the northeast corner of The University of Texas at Austin campus, this project creates a new plurality to the monumentality of the Texas Memorial Museum through the formation of two new wings – whose forms are derived from the existing structure. These wings reference the original concept for the museum – one that was never completed – serving expanding programming requirements including exhibition, office, and storage space. They rest atop and rise from a new entry pedestal level that directly connects with the main exhibit of the existing museum, unifying the addition with the existing one to form one entity. The new massing and pedestal create an intimate central courtyard, with repurposes the existing fountain and sculptural relief of the former terrace, forming a new axial dialogue with the formal lawn in front of the existing building.

Overall, the project represents a respect for the existing – constantly drawing upon it both formally and programmatically – while also seeking to reimagine a monument through the superimposition of two new forms.

2021-2022 Design Excellence Award Winner

Jon Dasher
Architecture Vertical Studio 
Instructor: Martin Haettasch