Villa et Thanatos (Facility for Dignified Death) by Gabi Gremillion, Kaley Polk, and Aya Wen

Within our speculative future, we envision that physician-assisted suicide could occur in specific facilities focusing on mental health through all parts of the process. These facilities would as a complex of different programmatic needs, offering medical and mental support services for not just the time before and during death, but also the patient to access all of their necessary resources throughout the process in one location.

We would be in contact with the patient from their first diagnosis, through all decisions and processes, and with the family after the patient’s death. Our facility provides mental support resources for all those going through the process, and the physical resources to complete the process (either hospice or P.A.S). With all these components, we believe that this facility would function successfully within our speculative future and would better support the mental stress of many of the actors within the process, all while giving the patient more sovereignty and the freedom to choose how they die with dignity.

2021-2022 Design Excellence Award Winner

Gabi Gremillion, Kaley Polk, and Aya Wen
Advanced Studio
Instructor: Stephanie Choi