St. Johns Site Analysis and Scenario Development project


A vision for a new future for the St. John site was informed by a study completed by the School of Architecture’s Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) in May 2020. Based on more than two years of community input and an analysis of the parcel, the report, Revitalization Strategies: Policies and Processes for Transformation in the St. John Neighborhood, proposed four different redevelopment scenarios for the property and outlined potential public financing mechanisms necessary to make the vision a reality.

In collaboration with St. John’s community leadership, Councilmember Greg Casar’s office, and the Economic Development Department of the City of Austin, the CSD research team participated in a robust community engagement process organized by CM Casar’s office to gather feedback and to discuss potentials of the redevelopment. Discussions with existing community members featured heavy support for affordable housing at a variety of affordability levels, with a particular interest in housing that would accommodate the needs of families, as well as support for green space, a public plaza, and other amenities for existing residents.

Stakeholders stated interests provided the basis for the “building blocks” of the four proposed redevelopment strategies, which include:

  • Ecologies: How to create a healthy community;
  • Economies: How to create economic opportunity for the city and the community;
  • Communities: How to engage the community on the site.

For more information and to read the full Revitalization Strategies: Policies and Processes for Transformation in the St. John Neighborhood report, visit the City of Austin’s website.

Dean Almy
Elizabeth Mueller
Jake Wegmann
Martin Haettasch
Allan Shearer
Charlton Lewis
Sarah Wu
Ji Ye Song
Seonhye Sin
Paul Books

July 24, 2019 - July 23, 2020

City of Austin

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