As an official research center within the university, the CSD is responsible for supporting faculty in all aspects of their research, from searching for funds to applying for grants, and managing awards and contracts.

Grant & Proposal Assistance

To receive grant assistance, please contact the CSD well ahead of your deadline so that we can schedule an appropriate timeline for proposal submission and ensure quality work.

ServiceS provided to faculty:

  • Research and grant funding consulting

  • Grant searches and updates tailored to specific faculty research interests 

  • Direct correspondence with the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)

  • Proposal support: 

    • coordination of deliverables between project partners

    • editing and review of proposal materials

    • budget preparation for both OSP and in the formats preferred by funding organizations

    • proposal requirement compliance check

  • Administrative support throughout the award period

  • Assistance administering GRA positions

Services Provided to Doctoral Students:

  • Review proposals and budgets for completeness and compliance

  • Direct correspondence with OSP

To discuss any of the services listed above, please contact Sarah Wu, CSD Grants & Projects Manager.

Grant Resources and Funding Opportunities

The CSD maintains several online resources to guide faculty in their pursuit of sponsored research opportunities. 

  • Our Finding Funding page provides links to funding sources of interest to UTSOA faculty.

  • Our Grant Administration page provides guidance on grant preparation best practices as well as university resources.

  • Our Snell Endowment page provides information about UTSOA internal funding for transportation projects.

  • Our Media page highlights CSD projects that have received media coverage.