Faculty work

Jake Wegmann

Residences Without Residents: Assessing the Geography of Ghost Dwellings in Big U.S. Cities. Journal of Urban Affairs. 2019.
Technical appendix.

Heather Way, Elizabeth J. Mueller and Jake Wegmann

Uprooted: Residential Displacement in Austin's Gentrifying Neighborhoods and What Can Be Done About It. UT Center for Sustainable Development and UT Law Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic. A report commissioned by the Austin City Council. September 2018.

Elizabeth J. Mueller and Clifford Kaplan

Coming Home: The benefits of housing choice for low-wage commuters in Austin, Texas. Center for Sustainable Development. January 30, 2014.

Elizabeth J. Mueller

Texas Housing Report Cards: Grading Framework. January 2006.
Texas Housing Report Cards: Dallas. 2006.

Student work

Martin. Benjamin A. Code Enforcement Activity and Impact in Austin, TX's Gentrifying Neighborhoods. Professional Report. Community and Regional Planning, School of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin, May 2019. You can read a summary of findings here.

Reimer, Allison (editor), Cesar Acosta, Robert Anderson, et, al. Strategies to Help Homeowners Finance Accessory Dwelling Units in Austin. CRP 386: Financing Real Estate Projects: Nonprofit and For Profit. Spring 2016.

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Ames, Lauren, Stephanie Ball, Jimena Cruz, Scott Dunlop, Lauren Flemister, Andres Galindo, Zachary Gibson, Corey Huston-Liter, Edna Ledesma, Chris Lee, Andrea Lewis, Jessica King, Jessica Kolmer, Alejandra Reyes, Kristine Stiphany, & Kate Vickery. Creating Inclusive Corridors: Austin's Airport Boulevard. Class report produced for CRP 388/SW 395K Affordable Housing Policy, Prof. E. Mueller. Spring 2012.

Ng, Michelle, Chris Grant, Rosa E. Donoso, and Sharlene Eaton. Preserving Affordable Apartments in Austin: A case study analysis of the East Riverside/Oltorf Combined Neighborhood Planning Area. Class report produced for CRP 388 Affordable Housing Policy in the United States, Spring 2007.