The Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture emphasizes the study and design of the urban environment.

Today’s urban environments confront increasingly complex social and ecological challenges in which overlapping, dynamic systems often reveal competing priorities. Our commitment to the study of the public realm and urban environment distinguishes The University of Texas at Austin (UT) from the other programs in this great state of Texas. We capitalize on the program’s urban location and the urban focus of the faculty. Those spaces by which the landscape is defined—such as infrastructure systems, urban watersheds, industrial sites, suburban communities, and city fabric—become the laboratories for the program’s educational focus. The public landscape is not the only type or scale of landscape architecture that students engage with or with which faculty research, but it is a key frame employed while exploring the larger discipline.

Our aim is to create sustainable landscapes that address social needs, provide ecosystem services, and enhance a sense of place.

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Landscape Architecture Student Work

Landscape Architecture Student Work

Landscape Architecture Student Life

Landscape Architecture Student Life

Meet Our Students

Molly Gasparre

Sean Scaff

Heather Corcoran


Charlie Weber

Carly Choi

June Landenburger


Dan Perenyi

V. Freeman

Kristin Witte


Adrianne Kartachak

Jennie Ostertag

Tabitha Tattenbach


Kelsey James-Kavanaugh

Katherine Stowe

Joe Matza


Molly Gasparre, PWP Internship

Charlie Weber, What We Love about Austin

V. Freeman, Additional Experience