Black Box Theater by Chloe Thomasian

The Black Box Theater, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, serves as an entertainment hub and exhibit of intimate plays and shows in various spaces. The chosen site is located at the center of Maple Tree Square, a unique square that holds character and history of Vancouver’s Gas Town.

The theater’s plaza serves as an extension of the Square. This promotes walkability and encourages pedestrians to enjoy time outdoors as well as inside the theater. The architecture of the theater encourages exploration, as the public circulation flows along the curves of the structure, ultimately guiding the guests to the theater space. The transparency of the program is apparent throughout the public circulation.

The pairing of shifted levels and glass allows occupants to not only enjoy the show they are there to see, but also enjoy the processes which make up the shows, such as the practice halls and prop-building workshops. Daylight is plentiful in the workspaces and practice halls for occupant well-being and optimal productivity. Views of the square and the mountain range north of the site are also framed, creating awareness of the project’s environment and context.

Summer 2020 Design Excellence Winner

Chloe Thomasian
Vertical Studio
Instructors: Dean Almy and Martin Haettasch