Muralist Residence and Gallery by Abigail Thomas

This artist residency, located near downtown Austin, provides a space for professional muralists to work collaboratively or individually and interact with the public. Inspired by the HOPE Outdoor Gallery and local artist communities, this design integrates artwork and habitation. The residence is outwardly focused, capitalizing on the public nature of murals to generate a communal gathering space. A large central courtyard provides space for the development of relationships between the artists and members of the community through observation and interaction.

This three-story residence houses nine muralists, each in their own living unit, along with two common areas for studio work or socialization. The individual living units and interior collaborative workspaces are separated from the public to offer varying degrees of privacy for the artists to choose from. Formal development of this project took place through a series of computational aggregations in which residential units and exterior wall panels were combined based on a set of rules established uniquely for this design. A dialogue between the building and the surrounding site is made possible by the central courtyard, which welcomes visitors but also defines the threshold of the residency.

This muralist residence and outdoor gallery is a space for artists to work collaboratively and interact with the community, thus creating a cultural center in the heart of Austin.

Fall 2020 Design Excellence Winner

Abigail Thomas
Architecture Intermediate 3
Instructors: Suhash Patel and Kevin Sullivan