The Source by Maggie Laird and Grayson Shepard

The city of Austin faces an impending environmental crisis. Experts predict that the city will drain the major water reservoirs within the next six years if human behaviors are not altered. However, the most alarming fact is the utter lack of awareness, education, and urgency about the situation. The Source intends to take each visitor on a cathartic emotional journey. First, they will be struck with awe and fear as they take on the perspective of water itself. Next, will be humbled with respect for the power and beauty of earth’s greatest resource, and finally, hope that comes with the newfound knowledge of how to live a lifestyle that is in harmony with water and the earth. 

“Water is the well of our origin. 
Water is our physical connection with the planet. 
We are not important to water. 
It is the other way around.”
-Penda China

Spring 2021 Design Excellence Winner

Maggie Laird and Grayson Shepard
Comprehensive Studio
Instructor: Michael Garrison