Reproductive Care Collective by Haley Lundquist and Kendall Fleisher

Considering leakiness and the habitation of in-between spaces, our project attempts to delaminate boundaries and call attention to the inherent power dynamics within the healthcare system. 

Our Reproductive Care Collective recognizes that a person's medical needs are directly interrelated with their sexuality, social role, economic status, and emotional wellbeing, and by cultivating different forms of knowledge as well as bringing attention to the tensions that arise between them, the collective fosters a sense of place through extimacy and community engagement. 

We acknowledge the asymmetry between giving and receiving care and focus attention to the leakiness between the private and communal spaces as an impression and residue left behind. The structure is squished in and around the surrounding public infrastructure, acting as an insulating residue. Situated within a shared campus with our classmates' birthing center and LGTBQIA+ center, we're aiming to create a larger meshwork of incorporated care into the existing community. 

The program is loose, relational, and guided by the user with areas of programmatic overlap declining the excess, in-between, as spaces of care. The spaces are relationally created with varying levels of intimacy built up that allow for the visitor to inhabit a nested experience. Nested spaces are created through built up layers of translucent material, with increased privacy as you move inward.

Spring 2021 Design Excellence Award Winner

Haley Lundquist and Kendall Fleisher
Vertical Studio
Instructor: Stephanie Choi