Foreign + Familiar by Coleman Brink, Bella Chou and Will Hachtman

Technology is ubiquitous; our relationship with electronics, both hidden and overt, has become integral in our everyday lives and has reformed how we interact and perceive the world around us. In the perpetual pursuit of utopia, futuristic machines constantly propose a new and improved way of living. Some prospective technologies speculated to become part of our contemporary lives include flying cars, nanobots, and 3D-printed food. While many of these proposals seem to be more applicable to temporally distant societies, our rapidly changing environment and needs suggest these future technologies could be implemented in the near rather than distant future. Despite the vision of seamless integration of these technologies, a question of the spatial requirements to house these technologies arises.

Technology is a tool to change how we live, but contrary to our reliance on it in completing even the most mundane of tasks, technology is often tucked away into the periphery of our buildings and minds. Our project explores ideas of human viewership and interaction with the digital. Set in a near, speculative future, we wanted to confront our complacency of existence—what are the implications of space-making with a non-human-centered focus? Architecture as a discipline has become constrained. In our constantly changing world, architecture is stable. Our explorations play with destabilizing the status quo. Programmatically, our project is a spectrum of human occupation, with technology taking precedence while humans become the periphery. Our projects are highly speculative but rooted in our observations of human interaction with technology. This is just one potential future of many.

Spring 2021 Design Excellence Winner

Coleman Brink, Bella Chou, and Will Hachtman
Advanced Studio
Instructor: Kory Bieg