Degree Requirements

Master of Interior Design (first professional). For students entering with degrees other than professional degrees in Interior Design or Architecture, the Master of Interior Design is a first professional degree, with accelerated graduate professional courses designed to prepare the student for advanced work in Interior Design; the coursework is prescribed on the basis of the student's previous college work as shown in transcripts, portfolio, statement of intent, résumé and references. Before progressing into advanced Interior Design, first professional degree candidates must demonstrate a certain proficiency in design and communication skills through a qualifying review conducted by the faculty. Students entering without a background in Interior Design normally complete the first professional degree program in approximately three and one-half years of study in residence; the academic records of students holding pre-professional degrees in Interior Design or Architecture are individually evaluated for course credit toward the first professional degree requirements.

MID Degree Requirements

MID Sample Curriculum without a Prior Professional Degree

Due to the tremendous variety of backgrounds from which the first professional degree is approached, it is usual that individual program requirements vary substantially. The ultimate content and sequence of coursework will be decided in consultation with the Graduate Office and Graduate Adviser following recommendations of the Admissions Committee. Program curricula are tailored to individual background and emphasis and will be determined with the Program Director and Graduate Adviser. Approval of independent research or reading topic is required.

MID Sample Curriculum