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Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

As a four-year professional degree, the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BSID) is a rigorous design-oriented curriculum with a strong theoretical basis to integrate creative problem-solving skills with an understanding of the aesthetic, technological, and behavioral aspects of design.


A total of at least 126 hours of coursework is required for the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

All students must complete the University’s Core Curriculum as well as the courses listed in the following table. In some cases, a course that is required for the BSID degree may also be counted toward the core curriculum; these courses are identified below.

ARI 310K Design I 
ARI 310L Design II  3
ARI 320K Design III – Interiors 3
ARI 520L Design IV – Interiors        5
ARI 530K Design V – Interiors  5
ARI 530T Design VI – Interiors 5
ARI 560R Advanced Interior Design (taken twice)       10
Visual Communication
ARI 311K Visual Communication I    3
ARI 311L Visual Communication II    3
ARI 221K Visual Communication III    2
Design Theory
ARI 350R Topics in Interior Design Theory  3
Interior Building Systems and Construction
ARC 415K Construction I  4
ARI 434K Construction II – Interior Materials and Assemblies  4
Professional Practice
ARI 362 Interior Design Practice 3
ARI 318K Interiors and Society       3
ARI 318M Interior Design History  3
ARI 368R Interior Design History II  3
ARC 368R Topics in the History of Architecture  3
Environmental Controls
ARI 324K Environmental Controls I  3
ARC 334L Environmental Controls II  3
Human Behavior
ARI 338 Designing for Human Behavior  3
Professional Internship
ARI 130 Interior Design Internship  1
Core Curriculum Requirements
PHY 309K Elementary Physics for Nontechnical Students*  3
PHY 309L Elementary Physics for Nontechnical Students 3
PSY 301 Introduction to Psychology**   
ARC 318L World Architecture: The Industrial Revolution to the Present*** 3
Other Requirements
  Art history  3
  Electives  6
  Additional coursework to satisfy the core curriculum  27
TOTAL   126
  *physics sequence meets part I of the science and
technology requirement of the core curriculum
  **meets the social and behavioral sciences requirement
of the core curriculum
  ***meets the visual and performing arts requirement
of the core curriculum