The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture

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graduate degrees



Master of Architecture (first professional) “M.Arch. I” 

The M.Arch. I program fulfills the professional degree requirements for registration as an architect.* It is designed for students entering either with no academic training in architecture or a four-year bachelor’s “pre-arch” degree and who wish to enter the profession of architecture.

Master of Architecture (post-professional) “M.Arch. II”

The M.Arch. II program offers students with a professionally accredited degree in architecture (B.Arch.) a studio-centered course of advanced work in architectural design, historic preservation, sustainability, urban design, or interdisciplinary integration. It prepares students to enter (or re-enter) the profession with advanced knowledge and skills, to develop personally, and/or to teach at the college level.

The M.Arch. II does not fulfill the professional degree requirements for registration as an architect.*

The focus of both is the practice of architecture, centered on design and the studio experience.

[The school also offers several master’s programs leading to M.A. or M.S. degrees that are close to and involve architecture:

M.S.S.D. (Sustainable Design)

M.S.U.D. (Urban Design)

M.S.H.P. (Historic Preservation)

M.A. (Architectural History)

M.S.U.D. + M.S.C.R.P.

M.S.S.D. + M.S.C.R.P. 

M.S.A.S. (Architectural Studies) 

There is also a Ph.D. program with tracks in Architectural History, Historic Preservation, and Sustainability.

And the school offers an M.L.A. an M.I.D. and M.S.C.R.P.

* See NAAB Accreditation Info for details.