Master of Architecture (first professional) “M Arch” 

The M Arch is an accredited first professional degree. It fulfills the professional degree requirements for registration as an architect.* It is designed for students entering either with no academic training in architecture or a four-year bachelor’s “pre-arch” degree and who wish to enter the profession of architecture.

Master of Advanced Architectural Design “MAAD”

The MAAD program offers students with a professionally accredited degree in architecture (B.Arch.) a studio-centered course of advanced work in architectural design, historic preservation, sustainability, urban design, or interdisciplinary integration. It prepares students to enter (or re-enter) the profession with advanced knowledge and skills, to develop personally, and/or to teach at the college level.

The MAAD does not fulfill the professional degree requirements for registration as an architect.*

The focus of both is the practice of architecture, centered on design and the studio experience.

The school also offers several master’s programs leading to M.A. or M.S. degrees that are close to and involve architecture:

MA (Architectural History)

MSAS (Architectural Studies) 

MSHP (Historic Preservation)

MSSD (Sustainable Design)

MSUD (Urban Design)



The Ph.D. program offers tracks in Architectural History, Historic Preservation, and Sustainability.

* See NAAB Accreditation Info for details.