The Architecture Programs of The University of Texas at Austin value intellectual ambition and cultural relevance in architectural production. Our teaching and research is founded on a shared interest in ambitious buildings. We uphold an integrated, close-knit design studio model encouraging dialogue, collaboration, risk-taking, and innovation.
Architecture is a situated practice and realizes meaning through its relevance to social, aesthetic, cultural, and technical contexts. There are diverse perspectives within the school, but, at a glance, our program is distinguished by three notable dimensions of engagement:
Participation in the creation of realized projects has significantly shaped the architectural community and programs at UT Austin. For over thirty years, our students have joined significant offices around the world as part of our undergraduate and graduate programs for six-month professional residencies. Currently, we have students working with over fifty outstanding practices including Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, BIG (Copenhagen), Weiss Manfredi, and MASS Design Group. Alumni of the School of Architecture include internationally recognized leaders Craig Dykers and David Lake. Two Visiting Professorships bring noted architects to teach Advanced Design studios; in recent years guest studio leaders have included Hilary Sample, Sophia von Ellrichshausen and Mauricio Pezo, Marlon Blackwell, Monica Rivera, and Wendell Burnette. A high percentage of our full-time faculty are themselves noted practitioners.
UT Austin has long been recognized as a national leader in the area of Latin American Studies. In the last decade, the School of Architecture has enriched its expertise in Latin American architecture with nine faculty whose teaching and research focuses on the region, as well as with a sequence of award-winning publications. The school offers a Graduate Certificate in Latin American Architecture, providing a credential for students who focus their studies in this area.
Bracketing our expertise in the Americas, our program also addresses our rapidly urbanizing city and state, as well as the influence of the built environment on global environmental and equity issues. In addition to our extensive study abroad programs, significant institutional support for global travel is delivered through travel scholarships and Advanced Design Studios focusing on sites around the globe. In the Spring 2017 semester, studios included international travel to sites in Iceland, Mexico, Spain, Germany, and travel across the U.S. to sites in Portland and New York City.
The School of Architecture is a non-departmental collection of strong disciplines with a shared belief in the potential of collective action. Our faculty and students engage in interdisciplinary design studios, seminars, and research, bridging our internal programs as well as other disciplines across the UT Austin campus and beyond. Students in the Architecture Program have the opportunity to take courses and work collaboratively with colleagues in Landscape Architecture, Architectural History, Urban Design, Community and Regional Planning, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, and Sustainable Design.
Collective action also extends beyond human collaborators, as the school has made significant investments and curricular revisions to engage the ever growing and changing role of computation and automation in the future of both constructive and aesthetic production.
Since its founding in 1909, the School of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin (UTSOA) has been one of the most distinguished schools of architecture in the country. Nearly 500 students, 71% of the population of the School of Architecture, are enrolled in the Architecture Programs. The 2016-2017 DesignIntelligence survey ranked UTSOA #6 for its undergraduate Architecture Program and #12 for its graduate Architecture Program.

We welcome your interest in our dynamic programs, and invite you to connect with us.